An Exciting New Year At Concept TV… Welcome to 2016 and a range of new services!

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New TV Advertising and Professional Video Services From Concept TV

As the Christmas trees come down and the decorations are packed into the loft for another year, we wanted to share Concept TV’s new services launching in 2016.

2016 is the year your company should advertise on TV.

Throughout the last year, we’ve taken a very close look at the industry, new technology and new opportunities.  We’ve carefully evaluated the existing and the emerging advertising platforms to find ways to push our clients materials harder.  We’ve also invested heavily in high-end camera equipment and lenses to ensure we’re delivering the best quality and the best prices.

A Complete TV Advertising Service.

TV Advertising is more than just making a TV Commercial and broadcasting it.  Advertising on TV is about creating a TV Commercial that captures the aspirations of your brand and includes a content that drives business to your shop-front (whether that be in the high street, the telephone, or on the internet or via mobile devices).

In 2016, our Platinum Complete TV Advertising Packages will include;

  • Licence to broadcast and distribute, covering:
    • Television Advertising Media.
    • YouTube or other video streaming service or Website.
    • Social Media.
    • On Point Of Sale Displays (e.g. screens in retailer display stands).
    • Outdoor Electronic Displays.
  • Filming in Ultra HD using our brand new high-end Cinema grade RAW 4k camera and lenses.
  • Specialist Director Of Photography (DOP) and Gaffer (Lighting Specialist)
  • Post Production using the very latest NLE Editing Suites.
  • High Resolution Audio Mastering to the latest EBU R128 Broadcast Standards.
  • Competitor Analysis, including script breakdowns and media placement research.
  • Full Clearcast Submission service – including substantial research, testing (where required) and reporting for claim substantiation.  Ongoing mitigation where required.
  • High resolution supply to broadcasters.
  • A friendly, straight forward service!

Our Silver and Gold TV Advertising Packages have also been upgraded.

We believe in delivering the very best that we can, at the budgets our clients have to work within.  Our Gold TV Commercial Production Package takes advantage of our high-end equipment with a great and experienced crew.  So in most cases, the primary camera will be our new high-end 4K camera!

New Local TV Advertising Services.

We’re really excited about this new service for local businesses and new-to-tv businesses.  Concept TV offer a complete Sky Adsmart TV Advertising Service.  Its a great way to reach a local audience at very affordable prices.  Likewise, it’s a great way to try TV advertising, even if you have national reach.  We can build a campaign with a 6,12 or 24 month plan that starts in one Post-Code or Town area and builds out to reach national coverage.

Furthermore, we’re able to buy your perfect audience.  We can profile viewers by their prosperity, family / household makeup, even homeowners with south facing gardens.  Call us now on 0203 002 92 42 to find out more.

We’re also introducing a host of new Professional Video Production Services.

We operate with the most impressive kit among our peers.  Following research into the needs of our current client base, we found that we could extend our services beyond traditional TV Advertising.  Here’s a summary of our new and current services:

  • TV Commercial Production.
  • Live Video Streaming – Including Multi-Camera with Sound from our studio or on location.
  • Crowd Funding Videos.
  • Communication Videos.
  • Corporate Videos.
  • Equipment and Crew Hire.

We’ve developed our services to fit a wide range of budgets, whilst always ensuring that we can deliver on our quality promise.

So make 2016 a year of growth with Concept TV.  Call Us Now on 0203 002 92 42 to find out more!

Paul Emerton – Director.

Concept Television Studios Limited.




How does local TV Advertising work?

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Local TV Advertising Webinar that explains how Sky’s new Adsmart Technology Works.

At Concept TV, we love sharing new opportunities with our customers.  That’s why we’ve created this short webinar explaining how local TV Advertising works using the brilliant new Adsmart TV Advertising system from Sky.

We won’t spoil the video for you (hint: click to watch above!), but we will say that this new advance in the technology behind TV Advertising Campaigns is really quite revolutionary.  The new system uses highly intelligent methods for distributing your TV Commercial.  This means that businesses with either a local catchment, or a specific audiences requirement can take advantage of a really powerful TV Advertising campaign.

How much does Sky Adsmart TV Advertising cost?

The advertising is as targeted as modern internet advertising tools, so a campaign that reaches ONLY your target audience costs from just £5,000 including TV Commercial Production AND Broadcasting in their local area.

Don’t pay if they fast-forward through the TV Commercials…

The new technology reports back to Sky when a TV Commercial has been shown to the viewer.  So TV Advertisers will only pay if the viewer sees more than 75% of your TV Commercial.

How can you make the move on to TV?

Simple – call us and we will make all the neccesary arrangements, including scripting your TV Commercial, arranging broadcast approval and then we’ll plan and buy your TV campaign.  Call us on 0203 002 92 42 to discuss how your business can increase sales in your area – today!