TV Commercial and Video Production Services for other agencies and broadcasters…

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TV Commercial Production at Concept TV

TV Commercial Production at Concept TV

Did you know that we also produce TV Commercials and video for other agencies?

At Concept TV, not only do we serve our own clients, but we also produce TV Commercials and digital video content for other advertising agencies under their brand.  In many cases, a lot of our agency clients do not have their own production facilities.

In other cases, our agency clients may have previously outsourced TV Commercial Production to another production company.

We even produce TV Commercials and video content for television broadcasters.

Why do other Advertising Agencies or Television Broadcasters use Concept TV?

The answer is simple.  Quality, Price and Convenience.

We are often told by our agency clients that they previously had to pay between £30,000 to £60,000 for a good quality TV Commercial.  They trialled our services – which are priced much lower, and were so impressed with the results, they decided to stay with us.

We would like to be your choice for out-sourced TV Commercial Production and digital video content production.

Our Agency / Broadcaster Services:

  • End-to-end TV Commercial Production service:
    • Brief.
    • Creative Development, Script, Storyboard.
    • Clearcast Script Approval (BEFORE we pick up the camera…)
    • Casting
    • Production – including filming in 4K UHD.
    • Studios and Location filming.
    • Post-Production using the same systems behind 99% of the worlds broadcast TV content.
    • Clearcast approval on the final master.
    • Mastering for Broadcast, including transfer to the broadcasters.
    • Literally everything… you just place the media!
  • End-to-End Digital Video Content Service
  • NDA Agreement – We won’t try to work directly with your clients, or disclose your activity.
  • White label – we can use your brand and attend meetings as your in-house production facility.
  • Partner – alternative to white label, we are presented as Concept TV in partnership with your agency.
  • Commission – we offer a commission in the form of a discount to trade clients placing their clients work with us, as long as you place at least 8 TV Commercial Productions with us each year.
  • Great for the new wave of TV Advertising budgets, including your Sky Adsmart clientèle.

Our Promise…

  • We will beat any like-for-like production quote.
  • We won’t steal your client.
  • We will put as much in to your ad as we do for our clients.
  • You will pay less than you do with your current production supplier.

How much do TV Commercials Cost?

We offer much lower costs and a much higher quality than other production companies.  Call us on 0203 002 92 42, or click the quote button to get more information and costings.