Morphy Richards Complete Clean Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner – TV Advertising by Concept TV.

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New TV Advertising Campaign from Morphy Richards with the Complete Clean Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner.

At Concept TV, we love working with new and innovative products.  The new vacuum cleaner from Morphy Richards really shows that their product designers have delivered on things consumers really need.  As with all TV Advertising work, we like to get our hands on a product before we think about how to sell it.  This means we can make an ad that actually communicates the real lift benefits of a product.  And we really liked the Morphy Richards Complete Clean.  It uses cyclone technology that never loses suction, but there’s more to this vacuum than suction!  The Lift Away canister is a brilliant innovation that makes the vacuum cleaner light and maneuverable  – even in the most awkward of places.  It allows you to detach the canister from the floor head, so you can use the vacuum cleaner on the stairs or carry it, without it scooting off or being really heavy.  As it’s light weight and has a flat base, it’s perfect for cleaning the car too.  The accessories include a turbo-nozzle – which is like a mini floor head that’s great on sofas and stairs as it brushes at the same time!  There is also a Dust Away attachment with micro-fibre cloth which buffs hard floors like laminates or tiles – whilst vacuuming up dust.  Its a great product thats all about easy, practical cleaning.  The product launched with our national TV advertising campaign on the 25th March 2013.

About the TV Production

After our TV crew had cleaned their own homes from top to bottom and had devised a warm but informative creative, we called up the “Morphy” family and arranged the TV shoot on location in the Cotswolds.  We wanted to make an authentic TV ad that really demonstrated the convenience of the product – so one of the first things shot was the bit near the stairs where the vacuum cleaner was taken into portable Lift Away mode.  “It just unclips with a quick action, so it’s really easy to demonstrate.” says Assistant Producer Michael Emerton.

As with the 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner film shoot, it was important to make the shoot demonstrate how easy the product works.

About the Complete Clean Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner from Morphy Richards.

The Never Loses Suction* Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner has that little something extra. It not only boasts Never Loses Suction* technology, but also a unique lift away canister.

The liftaway canister is completely detachable,so its easier to clean stairs and those hard to reach places! There’s a turbo nozzle, ideal if you have pets.And it comes with a dustaway tool to buff hard floors whilst you vacuum.

Powerful, portable cleaning in three easy steps!

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