An Exciting New Year At Concept TV… Welcome to 2016 and a range of new services!

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New TV Advertising and Professional Video Services From Concept TV

As the Christmas trees come down and the decorations are packed into the loft for another year, we wanted to share Concept TV’s new services launching in 2016.

2016 is the year your company should advertise on TV.

Throughout the last year, we’ve taken a very close look at the industry, new technology and new opportunities.  We’ve carefully evaluated the existing and the emerging advertising platforms to find ways to push our clients materials harder.  We’ve also invested heavily in high-end camera equipment and lenses to ensure we’re delivering the best quality and the best prices.

A Complete TV Advertising Service.

TV Advertising is more than just making a TV Commercial and broadcasting it.  Advertising on TV is about creating a TV Commercial that captures the aspirations of your brand and includes a content that drives business to your shop-front (whether that be in the high street, the telephone, or on the internet or via mobile devices).

In 2016, our Platinum Complete TV Advertising Packages will include;

  • Licence to broadcast and distribute, covering:
    • Television Advertising Media.
    • YouTube or other video streaming service or Website.
    • Social Media.
    • On Point Of Sale Displays (e.g. screens in retailer display stands).
    • Outdoor Electronic Displays.
  • Filming in Ultra HD using our brand new high-end Cinema grade RAW 4k camera and lenses.
  • Specialist Director Of Photography (DOP) and Gaffer (Lighting Specialist)
  • Post Production using the very latest NLE Editing Suites.
  • High Resolution Audio Mastering to the latest EBU R128 Broadcast Standards.
  • Competitor Analysis, including script breakdowns and media placement research.
  • Full Clearcast Submission service – including substantial research, testing (where required) and reporting for claim substantiation.  Ongoing mitigation where required.
  • High resolution supply to broadcasters.
  • A friendly, straight forward service!

Our Silver and Gold TV Advertising Packages have also been upgraded.

We believe in delivering the very best that we can, at the budgets our clients have to work within.  Our Gold TV Commercial Production Package takes advantage of our high-end equipment with a great and experienced crew.  So in most cases, the primary camera will be our new high-end 4K camera!

New Local TV Advertising Services.

We’re really excited about this new service for local businesses and new-to-tv businesses.  Concept TV offer a complete Sky Adsmart TV Advertising Service.  Its a great way to reach a local audience at very affordable prices.  Likewise, it’s a great way to try TV advertising, even if you have national reach.  We can build a campaign with a 6,12 or 24 month plan that starts in one Post-Code or Town area and builds out to reach national coverage.

Furthermore, we’re able to buy your perfect audience.  We can profile viewers by their prosperity, family / household makeup, even homeowners with south facing gardens.  Call us now on 0203 002 92 42 to find out more.

We’re also introducing a host of new Professional Video Production Services.

We operate with the most impressive kit among our peers.  Following research into the needs of our current client base, we found that we could extend our services beyond traditional TV Advertising.  Here’s a summary of our new and current services:

  • TV Commercial Production.
  • Live Video Streaming – Including Multi-Camera with Sound from our studio or on location.
  • Crowd Funding Videos.
  • Communication Videos.
  • Corporate Videos.
  • Equipment and Crew Hire.

We’ve developed our services to fit a wide range of budgets, whilst always ensuring that we can deliver on our quality promise.

So make 2016 a year of growth with Concept TV.  Call Us Now on 0203 002 92 42 to find out more!

Paul Emerton – Director.

Concept Television Studios Limited.




It’s banned TV adverts time..! Take a look at this TOP 10 Banned TV Commercials and discover why they get banned.

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Banned TV Adverts UK

Banned TV Commercials from the UK

As promised at one of our TV Advertising seminars, we’ve found the link to the TOP 10 most controversial UK TV Adverts YouTube video.  We’re not sure why banned TV Adverts so compelling to watch – perhaps its our way of looking at mistakes creative agencies can make.  Or perhaps its the creative industries brazen audacity?

Why do Television Adverts get banned?

Its often a surprise to us when a TV Commercial gets banned after it’s been transmitted.  In the UK, all TV Commercials have to be approved by an organisation called Clearcast.  To some Creative TV Agencies, this can be a problem – especially if you want to make outrageous claims that simply don’t stand up (are their clients really number 1?).  Luckily, at Concept TV, we have put Clearcast approval at the heart of our creative workflow – so we’ve currently never had a TV Commercial outright rejected – and we’ve especially never had one pulled from broadcast by the ASA.

TV Commercials have to follow the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising – administered by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).  This is similar to all other forms of advertising which have to follow the CAP Advertising Codes.  In the unlikely event that a TV Commercial is approved and then banned, it will most likely be because a member or members of the public have taken offence to the nature of the content, as opposed to a company not being able to deliver on a specific claim.

5 major reasons that TV Commercials are banned after being broadcast:

  1. Violence – The visual content is violent and shown before the 9:00pm watershed.  People worry that children may be watching and that it will adversely affect their character.
  2. Sex – The visual content or underlying theme is seen as being too sexy for a pre-watershed showing.  Again, people tend to feel that TV Adverts featuring too much ‘sex-appeal’ will corrupt our society.
  3. Scaremongering – Its unusual for a TV Commercial to be approved by Clearcast if it obviously contains an element of scaremongering.  As seen in the top 10 banned tv commercials video above, environmental warnings often make the statement that the world is heading for apocalypse if we keep burning super-mega-watts of electricity on that little red light on the TV…!  Needless to say, you can’t threaten people with detrimental consequences if they do not buy into your proposition!
  4. Making claims that aren’t true – Again, it’s unusual for a TV Commercial to be approved by Clearcast if the advertiser can’t back up their claims.  For instance, you can’t offer a watch for £5 if you don’t have any, or maybe only a couple in stock, when the ones really made available are £100.  At Concept TV Advertising, we work hard to make sure that advertisers can make the claims they need by looking at ways to ensure that all claims can be substantiated.  We’ll also advise on alternative claims that are broadcast compliant but also say what the advertiser wants to say.
  5. Generally offensive – The KFC TV Advert clearly shows people speaking with their mouth full, which worried the public that children would copy those actions.  At Concept TV, we also less fondly remember a TV Advert from the 90’s (we think..) when children sat at a table, banged their knife and fork and demanded “Feed me, Feed me NOW!  Yes, McCains Oven Chips certainly pushed decent society to the edge with that one – even though we don’t think it was actually ever banned!  Not all public complaints are upheld by the ASA – if they were, we wouldn’t have any TV Advertising, the industry would go bankrupt and there would be no Saturday night TV anymore (stop cheering!).  This point has been banned for scaremongering.

How can you avoid having your TV Commercial from being banned from broadcast?

Simple.  Engage Concept TV to handle script development, or at least get us to mediate with Clearcast on your behalf.  When it comes to creating a compelling TV Commercial, we know what we’re doing.  After all, we were one of the first TV Agencies to get a Mould Spray TV Commercial approved in the UK in recent times.  We go the extra mile to make your claims compliant.  Being more than just a bunch of creatives with wild ideas, we make sure that your TV Commercial has broadcast approval at script level – before we even pick up the camera.

We’ve hear of lots of cases where want-to-be TV Advertisers have paid for expensive and impressive TV Commercials that have never seen the light of day – simply because their content was not suitable for broadcast.  We regularly put in the time to refine the communication and develop complex, detailed substantiation that takes even the toughest of our advertisers claims to the screen.

Want to know more about how TV Advertising works, what we can do for you, or perhaps you want us to take a look at your case?  Call us now on 0203 002 92 42 – email – or visit

How do we prepare for new advertising platforms, such as Facebook TV style ads?

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How to we manage the first real convergence of formerly independent platforms?

Facebook TV AdvertisingAs our exposure to emerging and developing platforms has increased significantly as technology advances, ad agencies and leading brands have also tried to establish new types of advertising based around them.

Platforms come and some go, but a few stick.  At Concept, we want to help businesses understand what this actually means and address the principles behind these new communication opportunities.

New advertising strategies need to be more than ‘just showing ads’.

Consumers now expect to be shown relevant advertising – just as advertisers want to pay for relevant customers.  The ‘digital age’ is all about advertising intelligence – it’s not just a modern re-interpretation of old ideas.  That’s why your advertising creative must be concious of its platform in addition to staying on brand and on message.  It is essential that advertising agencies are aware of both the variety of platforms that create new communication opportunities and most importantly, how those platforms work.

It’s hard not to be able to think of a brand that has failed on a particular medium.  Social engagement continues to be one of the hardest things to get right – so we need to think very carefully before taking advantage of new platforms, especially two-way social platforms!

Think about consumer experience.

Advertising is an essential means of business.  Although most of us would like to live in an ad-free world, we’d also probably like to live without bills, packaging and responsibilities – but as much as we grumble about these things – we acknowledge they must exist.  The important trick is to persuade and engage – not annoy and destroy.  If you had to watch 5 minutes of tv ads every time you scroll down half a page – you’ll switch off.  The consumer experience is relevant to continued engagement.

Getting your advertising format right…

With all advertising, you need to make sure that you’re creating an opportunity to inspire engagement – either immediately or in the longer term.  Traditional TV ads run to 30 seconds on average.  This is far too long for a social media platform.  People are more pro-active with how they use new digital platforms – significantly more than they were on traditional linear platforms such as TV.  If something disrupts or disappoints, consumers simply switch over.  With digital video advertising delivered alongside on-demand content set to become the most powerful means of communication, it’s important we understand how to keep our viewers.

Nothing longer than 20 seconds – and preferably 10 or under.

Viewers become frustrated when ads take ages to get to the point.  Ads delivered alongside on-demand content will be far more effective in a simple Tag and Hero or partial set-up format.  Use 10 seconds well, engage your viewer, then take them to your site directly to continue their engagement.  If you use those 10 seconds well enough to create that spontaneous engagement, your viewer will be much happier to pursue your full proposition.

A strategy for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any other social or on-demand platform.

If you adopt this approach, we are sure your advertising has a much greater chance of success.  We’d love to talk with you about your advertising strategy.  Concept Television Studios is at the forefront of these new advertising technologies and is well established with measurable high-performance strategy.  Talk to us without any fear of obligation – we love hearing about your business and discussing new opportunities.

Call 0203 002 92 42 or request a free callback at