How to advertise a promotion on TV – 6 Step Checklist…

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© Tamilsma | Stock Free Images

© Tamilsma | StockFreeImages

Quick Reference Guide – How to promote an offer using TV Advertising

TV advertising is usually part of a long term marketing strategy, but it can also be used as a quick turnaround activity, if it is planned right.  Read on to discover the 6 simple checks that you can do on a promotion to make it TV Advertising ready.

6 simple steps to make your offer TV Advertising ready:

  1. Do you have enough stock?  Will you have enough stock to meet demand?
  2. Does your offer comply with TV Advertising rules?  Is your offer accurate?  Don’t make promises that you can’t substantiate – or they will cause delays and will be rejected.
  3. Identify your buyer.  Let us know who your buyer is, and we’ll find the channels that they watch.
  4. Identify your Performance Measurement Thresholds.  How much do you need and how much do you want each lead or sale to cost?
  5. Identify and check your Response Mechanisms.  TV advertising is a powerful and responsive medium – so make sure people can easily respond to your proposition.  We can help you track responses using CAIT.
  6. Determine your follow-on activity.  If the campaign does well and achieves your Performance Measurement Thresholds – do you want to extend the promotion or plan further activity?  It’s far easier and more cost efficient to know in advance if possibilities to extend your campaign are in your agenda.  It also reduces the chance of having ‘downtime’ on a successful campaign while media buying admin is completed.

When you’re ready to Advertise on TV or if you want to know more about the process…

Contact Concept Television Studios Limited on 0203 002 92 42.  We will be able to help you along the process and ensure a swift and professional move on to television.

If you’d like more information about our TV advertising services, visit and then request a free quote or call-back.