Cost per thousand views: Facebook £5.56 vs. TV £2.10

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Example of how money is wasted in advertising.

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half!” – John Wannamaker

It’s a very famous quote, and a founding principle behind Concept’s TV Advertising.  We’ve spent many thousands in the development of CAIT Analytics – a powerful tool to determine and understand the real value of TV advertising.  But you don’t need to look too far to see how TV compares with other mediums.

Does that mean TV advertising is better than social advertising?

We encourage a cross marketing strategy via a well thought out marketing mix.  It is important that people are able to find you on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter – and that you deploy a brand-consistent strategy throughout.  At Concept, we enjoy a strong digital presence.  However, when it comes to the medium of choice at the heart of your marketing, we know TV advertising is where it should begin.

In terms of raw cost per view, there is a startling difference between a digital medium such as Facebook and some of the rates available in TV advertising.  With the figures below, it’s not hard to decide where to place the lion’s share of marketing spend…

As an example of the significant difference in costs between Facebook and TV Advertising :

Facebook advertising costs more than TV advertising!

Costs for Facebook advertising from a current live campaign.

Advertising budget OPTION at £470 on a recent facebook campaign:

£470 divided into 45,500 views = £10.32 (Cost Per Thousand views|
£470 divided into 84,500 views = £5.56 (Cost Per Thousand views|

Value of budget if spent on TV Advertising (UK)

Cost Per Thousand views : £2.10
Quantity of views if the same budget was spent on TV : 223,000

How many more views on TV with the SAME budget?

138,500 (263.9%) to 177,500 (263.9%) MORE views with TV advertising