Concept TV launches new LIVE Production and Streaming Services

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IMG_7751Concept delivers a new range of live production services through its Concept LIVE and brands.

Following extensive development and investment in the latest Ultra-HD specified camera equipment and streaming servers, Concept TV is proud announce the launch of Concept LIVE and this month.

Director of Technology and Systems Development, Michael Emerton, recognises the success and importance of the live broadcasting platform;

“After many hundreds of man-hours in the development of our bespoke Live Streaming services, we’re now in a position to formally launch a full range of services.  Having spoken with our customers, it was Quality, Control and Communication that championed as an essential part of this kind of service.  Knowing that many existing solutions are overly costly and have a foundation in ‘techy’ or ‘production’ camps separately, rather than coming from one stable of understanding meant that current options were overly complicated and often risky.  Our solution starts from the ground and is based on the needs of business.  We understand that many companies don’t operate the latest and most convenient of systems – so our approach is from that perspective.  It’s all about delivering a service that works for our customer.”

Concept LIVE and Services.

Managing Director and Founder, Paul Emerton cites changing trends in communication and explains why Concept’s offering is so different to existing solutions;

“Concept is now in a position to do what it did for TV Advertising 10 years ago.  We took the latest technological advances in hand to reduce end costs, and then combined a real foundation of knowledge to create a service that excels over our rivals.  TV Advertising is still the heartland of our business, but our ability to offer Concept LIVE production services and streaming technology expands our services further than ever before.”

The new services compliment the company’s primary business in Television Advertising.  The extension of Live Production services naturally compliment a video production bias operated by the company over the last 10 years.

The services offered by Concept LIVE will be of particular interest to Communication Managers, event co-ordinators as well as SMEs and entrepreneurs.

“We’ve already delivered Full HD Live Video services to companies such as Atlas Copco – a world-class industrial corporation.  Our service is completely scalable and offers an unparalleled level of quality against an unbeatable price.” – Paul Emerton, Managing Director.

More information about this new service will be released following the launch of the two new brands.  For now, contact Concept TV for Concept LIVE and services on 0203 002 92 14.

Concept LIVE Services.

Concept LIVE from Concept TV delivers live production services at a remarkably affordable cost.