TV Commercial Compliance Update – Broadband Price Claims

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The ASA and Ofcom have today announced the results of their research into the clarity of broadband pricing. You can read their press release here.

The current practice, in place since a 2012 ruling, allows a line rental price to appear alongside, but separate from, the ‘headline price’ for broadband.  Any further one-off costs, like set-up fees, may be included in the supers. Similarly the contract length can be included in the supers.

The Advertising Standards Authority

Although the ASA have yet to offer a definitive stance for how pricing should appear in future, the recommendation for now is:

  • line rental should no longer be separated out – up-front and monthly costs should be all-inclusive
  • greater prominence should be given to contract length and post-discount pricing
  • greater prominence should be given to up-front costs

These changes will come into place as of Monday 30th May. For the time being keep your eyes peeled on the ASA website for further recommendations. Clearcast will be working with advertisers and agencies to ensure ads they clear for transmission after 30th May comply with the new recommendations.

How can you find out what rules and regulation could have an affect on your TV Advertising Copy?

Concept TV have specialised over the last 12 years in taking on challenging TV Commercial compliance cases.  We regularly produce in-depth reports that back up advertisers claims, when even their own research have failed to generate the required information.  For instance, we undertook a large case involving HG – a consumer chemicals company.  By carrying out controlled tests on their product based on “in-situ” consumer conditions, we were able to obtain broadcast approval for their Mould Spray, Drain Unblocker and Scale Away products.

If you need advice on how to best present a case to Clearcast, or if you need advice on the claims that you wish to make, call our experts now on 0203 002 92 42.

To read the original article, please see the Clearcast News Update on Broadband Pricing here –


New rules for Gambling TV Advertising

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11th January 2016 by Clearcast.

Gambling advertising on TV continues to be one of the most contentious sectors, and as such comes with a host of regulations. As well as the having to follow the BCAP code and its specific gambling section, the gambling industry also has its own code. Last year the Industry Group Responsible for Gambling (IGRG) announced a number of amendments to their code, which will be coming into play on the 20th February.

The most important change for TV ads is that sign-up offers for new customers will no longer be allowed pre-watershed. The last IGRG code required all gambling ads to be scheduled after the 9pm watershed, with the exception of bingo and sports betting ads shown around televised sporting events. This latest change means that these kinds of ads will also be restricted to post 9pm if they include a sign-up offer. This could be something like “Free bet for new players” or “Money back for new players if your horse loses.”


There are other changes as well, many of which are already standard practice for the majority of advertisers:


  • All broadcast ads (both TV and radio) should end with a socially responsible gambling message
  • Pre-watershed television advertising cannot make reference to other gambling products that would not normally qualify for pre-9pm exemption
  • The Gambleaware website should be given greater prominence
  • ‘18+’ or similar must appear clearly in both TV and print ads

There are also a number of requirements focused on social media marketing messages.


Due to the fact that this is a change to the industry’s code rather than the BCAP code, and the sheer volume of ads we deal with, we will not be rescinding approval or changing restrictions of gambling ads we have approved in the past. We will expect ads submitted to air from the 20th Feb onwards to meet these requirements. A failure to comply with the industry’s code will not be a reason for Clearcast to reject an ad but, in agreement with our broadcasters, we will be working with agencies to assist with compliance and will advising broadcasters which ads should be scheduled after 9.00pm.

The original article can be found here :

How to choose a TV Advertising Agency

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Editing Morphy Richards TV Commercials at Concept TV.

Editing Morphy Richards TV Commercials at Concept TV’s Post-Production Broadcast Suite.

What makes a great TV Advertising Agency?

Television Advertising Agencies take on massive responsibilities on behalf of their clientèle.  When a business launches their first venture into the powerful world of TV Advertising, they need to be able to trust that their advertising agency has their best interests at heart.  As we discuss in this article, the business of TV Advertising is far more than post board rooms, expensive pitch boards with heavily detailed drawings and outlandish TV Commercial concepts…

Understanding the TV Agency’s proposals…

It’s far too easy for an agency to produce some ‘razzle-dazzle’ artwork and talk in big numbers squeezed between industry jargon to get your signature on an annual contract.  But do these big agencies really care whether their client understands the difference between a TVR, Universe and Clock Number?  And are these TV Agencies simply allocating media to meet their annual buying agreements with specific broadcasters?

When reviewing TV Advertising Agencies, you should ensure that you have a clear understanding of the work that the agency is going to do for you.  How much do they really value your business?

At Concept TV, we’re currently speaking with a wide range of clientèle, from start-ups and growing SMEs to big names and blue-chip companies.  The one thing they all have in common is that they have all spoken with other agencies before choosing us.  Why?  Because we want each and every campaign that we work on to be a success.  Our bread and butter is your business.  And that means not only getting you on side, it means keeping you on side.

As an example, a big company recently selected us as their TV Media Buyer for a £3 million campaign in Summer 2016 because of the extensive and detailed work we had done on a £5k campaign.  They explained why they chose us:

“We chose Concept TV as our annual TV Media partner because we had confidence that they actually understood the TV market in depth, and could explain and demonstrate the theories behind their recommendations.”.

They even went on to suggest that some of the proposals they had received from other agencies had simply been re-sent from the broadcasters themselves.  This implied that these other agencies were simply allocating budget rather than carefully selecting media based on campaign objectives (like we do!).

What makes Concept TV the TV Advertising Agency that you should choose?

At Concept TV, we define our role as an Independent Full Service TV Advertising Agency.  It might sound like a bit of a mouthful, but it means that we provide a complete service that will take you from an initial phone-call to a growing campaign.  In summary, this work includes:

  • Initial Campaign Concepts – understanding your business and designing creative and media buying concepts to meet your goals.
  • Creative Script Development – bringing your proposition to life in 30 seconds.
  • TV Commercial Filming with the very latest UltraHD 4k kit and very passionate, highly skilled film-makers.
  • Clearcast Broadcast Advertising Compliance.
  • TV Media Buying – we’re an Independent Certified Agency, so don’t need to palm-off TV media deals to meet the requirements of purchasing contracts.
  • Broadcast Services – Mastering and transfer for Broadcast, including the new EBU R128 Loudness Sound Compliance.
  • Campaign Performance Analytics and Reporting – measuring campaigns on the one thing that truely matters – results!

We offer all, part or single aspects of our TV Advertising Agency Service

In some cases we are contracted to provide TV Creative / TV Commercials.  In other cases, companies choose us to buy their media.  Whether you need a complete TV Advertising service, or specific aspects, we can help! (Call 0203 002 92 42 to discuss your requirements!)

Cutting out through the industry Jargon.

It is important that our staff are able to explain any aspect of our industry, in plain English.  That’s why we produced our TV Advertising Industry Jargon Busting Guide – – we don’t hide behind the complex calculations we need to use to deliver a powerful, engaging campaign.

(Amusingly, we’ve found a number of the bigger agencies using our reference guide… which makes you wonder how well they know their industry when spending your money!)

Choose the agency… chosen by other agencies!

And it may surprise you to find out that Concept TV have been contracted by other Advertising Agencies and even some TV Broadcasters to provide various aspects of our TV advertising service.

…Now that’s an endorsement!

Find a TV Advertising Agency?

Look no further.  Call Concept TV on 0203 002 92 42.  Or request a quotation on-line at