The Truth About Filmmaking

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The Truth About Filmmaking

At Concept TV, we love the passion every member of our team has when we make a TV Commercial.  As a family run business, we don’t just take home a salary each month – we live to see our work broadcast.  The team behind Concept TV includes Ruaraid – a specialist Director of Photograph, Pete – our Lighting Specialist, as well as Paul Emerton as Production Director and Michael Emerton as Floor Manager.  There are many more people that make Concept TV what it is.  And it really is a passion.  The success of our clientèle isn’t just delivered in financial rewards – we know that we’ve been part of something that has positively influenced the public, and driven millions of pounds in sales as a result.

The people in the featured video are some of the most driven individuals in the world.  To show our appreciation, we’re opening our doors to work with aspiring film-makers on TV Commercials for some of our clients.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for film-makers to show off and develop their skills, whilst sharing in our pride that their work will be seen by millions.  At Concept TV, we know that clever ideas come from original thought and new angles – so let the Concept TV Summer of Creativity flourish!

How does local TV Advertising work?

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Local TV Advertising Webinar that explains how Sky’s new Adsmart Technology Works.

At Concept TV, we love sharing new opportunities with our customers.  That’s why we’ve created this short webinar explaining how local TV Advertising works using the brilliant new Adsmart TV Advertising system from Sky.

We won’t spoil the video for you (hint: click to watch above!), but we will say that this new advance in the technology behind TV Advertising Campaigns is really quite revolutionary.  The new system uses highly intelligent methods for distributing your TV Commercial.  This means that businesses with either a local catchment, or a specific audiences requirement can take advantage of a really powerful TV Advertising campaign.

How much does Sky Adsmart TV Advertising cost?

The advertising is as targeted as modern internet advertising tools, so a campaign that reaches ONLY your target audience costs from just £5,000 including TV Commercial Production AND Broadcasting in their local area.

Don’t pay if they fast-forward through the TV Commercials…

The new technology reports back to Sky when a TV Commercial has been shown to the viewer.  So TV Advertisers will only pay if the viewer sees more than 75% of your TV Commercial.

How can you make the move on to TV?

Simple – call us and we will make all the neccesary arrangements, including scripting your TV Commercial, arranging broadcast approval and then we’ll plan and buy your TV campaign.  Call us on 0203 002 92 42 to discuss how your business can increase sales in your area – today!