Why is 80s music so popular in adverts?

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80s music – or 80s sounding music is making a big comeback in TV Advertising.

We wanted to share this BBC 5 Live radio interview with you.  At Concept TV, we believe 80’s music (some!) has this raw, but magical sound.  Experimentation with synthesizers continued to deliver spectacular electro-sounds.  Snare drums with more reverb than the Grand Canyon pounded out passionate ballads, and wide open throats delivered pitch-perfect tones.

But is the 80s music revival a product of kids grown up now in professional roles?  There can be no doubt to the glossy appeal of a retro-themed sound alongside trendy Shoreditch visuals.  And we love them…

Listen to the BBC 5 Live interview

It provides a shot but interesting insight : http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02x1qdp