How do we prepare for new advertising platforms, such as Facebook TV style ads?

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How to we manage the first real convergence of formerly independent platforms?

Facebook TV AdvertisingAs our exposure to emerging and developing platforms has increased significantly as technology advances, ad agencies and leading brands have also tried to establish new types of advertising based around them.

Platforms come and some go, but a few stick.  At Concept, we want to help businesses understand what this actually means and address the principles behind these new communication opportunities.

New advertising strategies need to be more than ‘just showing ads’.

Consumers now expect to be shown relevant advertising – just as advertisers want to pay for relevant customers.  The ‘digital age’ is all about advertising intelligence – it’s not just a modern re-interpretation of old ideas.  That’s why your advertising creative must be concious of its platform in addition to staying on brand and on message.  It is essential that advertising agencies are aware of both the variety of platforms that create new communication opportunities and most importantly, how those platforms work.

It’s hard not to be able to think of a brand that has failed on a particular medium.  Social engagement continues to be one of the hardest things to get right – so we need to think very carefully before taking advantage of new platforms, especially two-way social platforms!

Think about consumer experience.

Advertising is an essential means of business.  Although most of us would like to live in an ad-free world, we’d also probably like to live without bills, packaging and responsibilities – but as much as we grumble about these things – we acknowledge they must exist.  The important trick is to persuade and engage – not annoy and destroy.  If you had to watch 5 minutes of tv ads every time you scroll down half a page – you’ll switch off.  The consumer experience is relevant to continued engagement.

Getting your advertising format right…

With all advertising, you need to make sure that you’re creating an opportunity to inspire engagement – either immediately or in the longer term.  Traditional TV ads run to 30 seconds on average.  This is far too long for a social media platform.  People are more pro-active with how they use new digital platforms – significantly more than they were on traditional linear platforms such as TV.  If something disrupts or disappoints, consumers simply switch over.  With digital video advertising delivered alongside on-demand content set to become the most powerful means of communication, it’s important we understand how to keep our viewers.

Nothing longer than 20 seconds – and preferably 10 or under.

Viewers become frustrated when ads take ages to get to the point.  Ads delivered alongside on-demand content will be far more effective in a simple Tag and Hero or partial set-up format.  Use 10 seconds well, engage your viewer, then take them to your site directly to continue their engagement.  If you use those 10 seconds well enough to create that spontaneous engagement, your viewer will be much happier to pursue your full proposition.

A strategy for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any other social or on-demand platform.

If you adopt this approach, we are sure your advertising has a much greater chance of success.  We’d love to talk with you about your advertising strategy.  Concept Television Studios is at the forefront of these new advertising technologies and is well established with measurable high-performance strategy.  Talk to us without any fear of obligation – we love hearing about your business and discussing new opportunities.

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