The top 10 most complained-about ads of 2012!

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Most complained about TV Adverrts

Most complained about TV adverts

The Jury is in and we have the top 10 most complained-about ads of 2012.

TV Advertising is here – love it or hate it.  It helps inspire us to find ways to spend our hard-earned cash.  It lets us know what current fashions are doing and about “new” products and services.  It might also give us a quick reason to dash to the loo or make a nice cup of tea.  Whatever TV advertising is to you, we all consume and experience it. Some make us laugh, some make us cry.  Some just pass the time.  But sometimes, they get us really angry or really irritated.  Sometimes, that is intentional…

At Concept, we like to think that our TV ads are informative and enjoyable.  We also appreciate a tongue-in-cheek positive chuckle every now and again – and so do some of our clientel.  Fortunately, none of our ads made the top 10 (or at all in fact) – but has a list of the ads that really got your blood boiling.  Needless to say, operatic ads topped the charts on this one.

If you’ve not had enough of these ‘most complained about’ TV ads, you can see them again…

Don’t miss an opportunity to get annoyed – take a look at this article and watch the ads all over again…


Concept invests in 3D technology.

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3D TV Advertising.

Concept TV Advertising have invested in High Definition 3D Studio Equipment.

The recent acquisition utilises dedicated dual 50m/bit BBC Specification cameras and high definition 3D Avid Post Production equipment.  The company will lead the way by offering a 3D shoot option that will allow ads to be presented in either 2D or 3D formats, depending on the broadcast media.

New technology for 3D delivery without glasses.

“The choice to invest became clear when consumer 3D television technology allowed 3D viewing without dedicated 3D glasses.  As time moves forward, more of these sets will be brought into households and we want to be the most experienced and affordable option when 3D and HD becomes mainstream within our industry” company Director Paul Emerton cited.

The 3D technology at Concept is based on multi-camera high-end studio / cinematic techniques and not on the cheaper single low cost 3D camera set up.  Despite the investment, the TV Advertising Agency is not hung-up on pushing 3D.  Paul goes on to state,“Obviously, an investment in a 3D TV Advertising Commercial alone, whilst impressive, is unlikely to directly deliver tangible results.  Our strategy is to incorporate 3D techniques as we did with HD many years ago.  Although our ads have been shot in HD from 2006, many broadcasters still use standard definition resolutions in their ad broadcasts – even on HD channels.  However, delivery platforms such as YouTube allow full 1080 HD and are distributed to consumer TV’s via Virgin Media and game consoles.  The cost implications of adding 3D to a TV Commercial Production with Concept TV will be minimal, but offer our clients exceptional value in the long term.”

Concept will be adding 3D services to it’s range of high-quality and affordable production options in coming weeks as it’s staff are brought up to speed with training in the new technology.

To discover more about TV Advertising and 3D shoot options for TV and other digital distributions, such as YouTube and other Social Media and physical media, call 0203 002 92 42 or visit and request a free call back.

Concept TV is growing! TV Creative Production Apprenticeship roles available…

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New opportunities at Concept TV Advertising!

Concept TV Advertising Opportunities

Employment opportunities at Concept TV Advertising.

Concept TV is growing it’s Hemel Hempstead base and is looking to bring some bright, enthusiastic talent to it’s TV Advertising and Digital Advertising team!

We are a service TV and Video advertising agency with a passionate focus on delivering high quality, tangible ad creative and ad media to our expanding list of clients.

Do you have what it takes to join our team?

We’re looking for motivated individuals that can join us in our Hemel Hempstead studio and also on location during shoots.  We move quickly and set our aims high.  We’re not afraid to say that we’re a small, hard-hitting TV agency – so if you’re keen to get your hands on TV Advertising and YouTube Video Advertising with far-reaching distribution, contact us!

We’re looking for:

  • Motivated people with knowledge and skills in TV or Video Production.
  • Experience in Avid Media Composer would be brilliant.
  • A flare with graphic design / drawing / storyboarding.
  • Applications for Apprentice roles most welcome!

Got a CV or portfolio? Send it to us…

Or mail it to:

Concept Television Studios Ltd.
Unit 1 Brickfields Industrial Estate,
Finway Road,
Hemel Hempstead,
Hertfordshire. HP2 7QA.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!