Are smoking TV adverts back on our screens? No. But adverts for e-cigarettes will soon be appearing on UK Television.

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Are smoking TV adverts back? No.  But adverts for e-cigarettes will soon be appearing on UK Television.

It’s been many years since smoking was advertised on television – and rightly so!  TV Advertising is a highly influential medium which is why there are exceptionally strict guidelines.  For TV and Radio, advertising copy must comply with the BCAP Codes (Committee on Advertising Practise – Broadcast Advertising) on what products and services are marketed and how they are marketed.

Concept TV supports the banning of TV Advertising that contain dangerous or misleading propositions, including tobacco ads.

We strive to be an ethical TV Advertising Agency.  It’s important to us that our advertisers have genuine intentions and that they comply with the rules.  We work with our clients using our extensive knowledge of the industry and the advertising code to ensure their marketing communications comply and can be substantiated.  This is especially the case when considering how vulnerable people respond to advertising.

The ban of smoking ads was clear and comprehensive when it came into force.  In the UK, it is against the law to advertise a tobacco product, the act of smoking tobacco or things associated with smoking tobacco products (e.g. brands / logos, rolling tools, papers, ash trays, etc).  You can read more about The legislation for tobacco advertising and promotion here.

E-Cigarettes do contain nicotine, but do not contain tobacco and as such are not classed as a tobacco product.  This makes e-cigarettes exempt from the anti-smoking rules.  Instead of burning tobacco, they emit a nicotine vapour that the “e-smoker” consumes.

In some cases, electronic cigarettes have been prevented as a means to stop smoking – similar to a nicotine patch, but in some other cases they have been presented as an alternative to smoking tobacco products.

How an electronic cigarette works.

Smoking e-cigarettes TV Advertising

In the UK, Television Advertising is regulated by the ASA and must be approved by Clearcast before broadcast.

Unlike other forms of advertising, almost all commercial TV channels in the UK require advertisers to have their ad copy approved by Clearcast.  This extra process makes it far less likely that misleading claims or rogue products end up on TV, thereby ensuring the integrity of Television Advertising.

Until recently, TV Advertising that promoted the sale or use of e-cigarettes had not been allowed; but on the 17th January 2013, Clearcast announced to the industry that it had passed a number of e-cigarette TV Adverts for broadcast.  Click here to view Clearcast’s statement regarding e-cigarettes TV Advertising.

Is it right or wrong?

There is some disagreement between manufacturers of e-cigarettes and anti-smoking organisations.  Further studies into the effects of e-cigarette advertising communications and the products themselves should be published as information becomes available.

From an industry perspective, it is important that manufacturers and advertising agencies act ethically and work together to ensure that when e-cigarettes are advertised, they are presented in a responsible way.  Specifically, we would suggest that e-cigarette advertising must not directly or accidentally encourage or glamorise the product to non-smokers or the smoking of tobacco products, especially to younger and vulnerable viewers.

The BBC News web site has further information here.




CES 2013: Looking beyond 4k to the TVs of the future.

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110 inch, 33 Million Pixel+ and water based Television sets on their way.

At Concept TV, we strive to operated with equipment at the highest end.  Our post production equipment is capable of producing content at Ultra-High-Definition at 4k – which runs at a resolution 4 times higher than current consumer HD standards!  But what does the future hold? And do we really need more?

The Consumer Electronics Show has previewed some stunning television screen technology that will wipe away fears that personal viewing could replace traditional family viewing altogether.

With Ultra-High-Definition at 8k, the Sharp TV Set gives a resolution greater than you would get in a 33 mega-pixel photograph – and considering most cameras are 10 or 12 mega-pixels these days – that’s impressive!  By comparison, an 8k Television set has 16 times the pixels of a consumer HD.  Consumer HD is roughly the equivalent of a 2 mega-pixel photograph in terms of pixel count!

There’s a lot going on in the world of television, so if you think HD and 3D are where TV will stop, then think again!

Of course, choosing which technology to embrace when creating television content is still a key task, one that we can help you with.  We regularly cover questions such as should 3D be used when shooting a TV commercial? Or will TV Advertising be broadcast in HD?

When it comes to selecting the right technology for your Television Advertising Creative (TVC), Concept TV have the knowledge, experience and market understanding.

To read more about the future of Television, take a look at the BBC News article at or for information about how Concept TV use cutting edge HD technology in all TV advertising production, visit or call 0203 002 92 42.

13,000 Black and White TV Sets still in use in the UK.

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Concept Advertising on Black and White TV.

13,000 Black and White TV Sets still used in the UK.

While tablet computers are fast becoming the choice for on-demand video content and tv catch-up services, it turns out there are still a good many people in the UK that choose to watch their content on an old black and white TV set.

What’s even more interesting is that, with the digital switch-over and analogue switch-off now complete, owners of black and white TV sets can now only watch content if it comes from a VCR, old games console or via a digital set-top box.

Stephen Farmer from TV Licensing, said: “It’s remarkable that with the digital switchover complete, 41 per cent of UK households owning HDTVs and Britons leading the world in accessing TV content over the internet, more than 13,000 households still watch their favourite programmes on a black and white telly.”

At Concept TV, we can’t imagine watching our favourite programmes or our favourite TV Advertising in black and white!  Although this is an extreme example, it’s an important reason why our TV Advertising Creative is produced within title-safe margins.  This means that if a viewer has an old square set, they should still be able to see the important text and graphics.

To read more about this article, visit the Telegraph.  If you’d like to know why Concept TV are leading the way in innovative – but accessible TV Advertising, call 0203 002 92 42 or visit our TV Advertising web site at and discover more.