TV Advertising – its not just about TV…

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When is TV Advertising not just about advertising on TV?

As a company that serves a broad range of clients – both in terms of proposition and size, we are in the fortunate position of being able to be involved in some very interesting projects.  Some of our most rewarding times involve collaborations in activity with synergistic goals.

TV Advertising is a promotional tool within the Marketing Mix.

TV Advertising can be one Communication or Promotion component within the Marketing Mix.  Our intentions are not to teach you to suck eggs here – but its surprising how often TV Advertising is considered independently of all other activities.  Like other promotional or communication tools available, TV Advertising will deliver increased results if its message is echoed across other mediums.

How can we promote our TV Advertising?

In most cases, TV Advertising will be the flagship component of any marketing strategy.  and it is likely that you have allocated the largest proportion of your marketing budget to it.  So what options exist that will increase exposure and perception values?

  • Use Social Media.  If you’ve built a good quality base of fans and followers in your social media circles, they are likely to be interested in seeing your TV advert.  Communicate via social posts just prior to the launch (if commercial sensitivity agenda allows) stating that you are about to begin TV advertising.  If commercial sensitivity prohibits pre-launch disclosure, make sure you post on the day the TV Advertising schedule starts.  Upload your TV ad to both YouTube and social media sites directly – such as Facebook.  In all cases, apply your usual social media rules when engaging with fans and followers.
  • Inform your stakeholders.  Some of the TV Advertising done for our clients at Concept is planned as a communication of confidence to stakeholders.  A re-enforced message helps strengthen the relationship between parties and defines commitment to a project.  As such, if it is possible to do so, it is a fantastic idea to communicate your strategies prior to launch.  In some cases, stakeholders may wish to contribute to your activity; for example, they may be a retailer stocking your product that wishes to include their logo in your ad – or display the ad on screens in-store.  Collaborative efforts aid better results!  Your stakeholders may also wish to refer or feature your TV Advertising in their communications which further extends its potential reach.
  • Engagement via product packaging.  A simple QR Code or NFC tag on packaging will allow prospective customers to view the latest TV ad featuring the product.  More and more people are choosing to ‘scan’ products, articles and adverts, wishing to engage further with your proposition.  You should direct consumers to a controllable page on your website and embed a YouTube video within the page (this approach ensures that you stay in control of what your customers see and enables you to react in the case of ASA actions).
  • Promotion via other advertising.  A QR code or short URL could be presented in press and outdoor advertising that links in the same way suggested via product packaging.  Of course, when using QR Codes or NFC, ensure you can track responses from individual placements.
  • Support your TV commercial via other advertising mediums.Next, the major fashion highstreet retailer, ran a TV ad promoting their late delivery service where consumers could order a product upto 9pm that day and still have it delivered the following day!  The company then also ran a radio ad in which two ladies discussed the TV ad – one saying how she had seen the a TV ad, the other listening and enthusing.  Although not a Concept TV ad, we though this was a brilliant use of communication and re-enforcement strategy that was likely to increase exposure and perception.

When advertising on TV – don’t forget…

The above options are only a few of the different cross-promotional tools available.  When embracing TV Advertising, think about how you can increase its chances of success with other routes of communication that you have access to.

When you’re ready to Advertise on TV or if you want to know more about the process…

Contact Concept Television Studios Limited on 0203 002 92 42.  We will be able to help you along the process and ensure a swift and professional move on to television.

If you’d like more information about our TV advertising services, visit and then request a free quote or call-back.

How to advertise a promotion on TV – 6 Step Checklist…

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© Tamilsma | Stock Free Images

© Tamilsma | StockFreeImages

Quick Reference Guide – How to promote an offer using TV Advertising

TV advertising is usually part of a long term marketing strategy, but it can also be used as a quick turnaround activity, if it is planned right.  Read on to discover the 6 simple checks that you can do on a promotion to make it TV Advertising ready.

6 simple steps to make your offer TV Advertising ready:

  1. Do you have enough stock?  Will you have enough stock to meet demand?
  2. Does your offer comply with TV Advertising rules?  Is your offer accurate?  Don’t make promises that you can’t substantiate – or they will cause delays and will be rejected.
  3. Identify your buyer.  Let us know who your buyer is, and we’ll find the channels that they watch.
  4. Identify your Performance Measurement Thresholds.  How much do you need and how much do you want each lead or sale to cost?
  5. Identify and check your Response Mechanisms.  TV advertising is a powerful and responsive medium – so make sure people can easily respond to your proposition.  We can help you track responses using CAIT.
  6. Determine your follow-on activity.  If the campaign does well and achieves your Performance Measurement Thresholds – do you want to extend the promotion or plan further activity?  It’s far easier and more cost efficient to know in advance if possibilities to extend your campaign are in your agenda.  It also reduces the chance of having ‘downtime’ on a successful campaign while media buying admin is completed.

When you’re ready to Advertise on TV or if you want to know more about the process…

Contact Concept Television Studios Limited on 0203 002 92 42.  We will be able to help you along the process and ensure a swift and professional move on to television.

If you’d like more information about our TV advertising services, visit and then request a free quote or call-back.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes made when Advertising on TV…

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Profits when TV Advertising is used wrongly. Why do we want to share this information?

Whilst we are obviously passionate advocates of TV Advertising, we will always strive to create a campaign that is capable of working for you.

Because of this, we want to tell you when TV advertising is unlikely to work for you.  You might think us mad to turn down business, but we’re not just out to get your hard-earned money and by gaining your trust, you are far more likely to choose us in the future.

7 of the Biggest Mistakes behind the worst TV Advertising strategies…

  1. Misconception… One massive audience, One TV Ad Slot.  It’s not just about how many people see the ad, it’s about how many times they see it over a specific duration.
  2. Misconception… One person, A MillionTV Ad Slots.  Likewise, it’s not just about how many spots you have.  The single biggest mistake made by most new to TV advertising is the assumption that the more TV Ad Slots you have, the better the campaign is.  In fact, most new TV Advertisers will spend their time measuring spot quantities than actual performance!  If only one person saw your entire campaign, your money has been wasted.
  3. Misconception… Surely, if you are buying less time it will be cheaper right? WRONG!  The broadcasters charge a premium for smaller TV Ad Slots – so it is far more efficient to buy against the lowest premium, which in TV Land is 30 Second blocks.  It can be worthwhile balancing 30 Second TV Ad Slots with 10 Second Ad Slots if your budget can afford it, using the 10 Second TV Ad Slots as a “reminder”.
  4. Poor quality engagement…  H O U T   A   CALL-TO-ACTION!!!  No one likes being shouted at or forced into doing something.  People will actively avoid other noisy people.  Whilst you may feel a “Go Compare” or a tacky 90’s infomercial “BUY 5 GET 1 FOR THE PRICE OF 2 AND RECEIVE THIS SHOE FREE” might entice people – you most probably will put them off.
  5. Misconception… Advertise at the most responsive time of 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  We agree that this time is when most of the big responses come in, but our analytics tool CAIT has helped us to understand why.  Most couples or families work a 9-5 day.  Let’s say that a stay-at-home partner watches TV whilst doing their work.  They see an ad for something that they want, but as its considered to be an extraordinary item, they wait for their partner to come home before they make the purchase.  When do they arrive home?  Between 5:30 and 7pm.  As this time is considered PEAK in TV Land, its the most expensive time to advertise!  So avoid that space and advertise in the places that really trigger those responses!
  6. Misconception… Nobody watches TV during the day.  WRONG!  In fact, daytime TV generates the biggest and most cost-efficient return on investment.
  7. Expensive mistakes… Advertise for a while, then come off to see if it worked, before going back on.  The success behind a good TV advertising strategy is use of momentum.  You can retain a good momentum by planning for an interim “Trickle Campaign”.  This retains a small budget for occasional placement on channels which you may return to in your ongoing campaign.  We aren’t saying don’t measure.  Quite the opposite in fact; we’re advising you to avoid the ‘Discovery Slope’ where people respond in fewer numbers as they become (re) acquainted with your proposition.

So there you have it.  We want TV advertising to work for you and your business.  We’re happy to talk to you about determining a strategy that fits your agenda – but you can save yourself a lot of time and money by embracing the above!

For a friendly chat about making the right choices with your TV Advertising campaign, or for a no-obligation quote, call Concept TV on 0203 002 92 42 or click here to request a free callback!